Posted: 2 May 2024

APEM achieves leading ESG status

APEM achieves leading ESG status

All our portfolio companies are reviewed by an independent specialist ESG consultant to assess their ESG performance. The robust process scores and benchmarks each company against 83 key metrics and sets annual targets for improvement.

Face to face interviews are held with respective team members and all scores, targets and required actions are loaded onto a live ESG Performance Tracker which is used by individuals and ESG committees at each company to assess their performance against the targets set. A summary is then presented to each Board to ensure strategic oversight. 

When APEM was first assessed in December 2021, it achieved a baseline score of 61% followed by 75% in November 2022. The latest assessment has just been completed which saw the score increase to 83%, elevating APEM’s status from Excellent to Leading across a large cohort of businesses from a wide range of industries.

This is a real achievement and testament to the sustained effort made by everyone at APEM, which has a clear focus on ESG and which has relentlessly embedded ESG good practice within its day-to-day operations.

Leah McGimpsey, CEO at APEM Group, said:

“We are thrilled to have been awarded ‘Leading’ status, the first time this has been issued to an organisation by ESG consultancy Sustainable Advantage.

“It’s recognition of APEM Group’s development of a holistic approach to ESG – whether that’s in the work we do for our clients in solving their biggest environmental problems, the initiatives that allow us to give back to the communities we serve and to minimise our own environmental impact, all while fostering a workplace where all colleagues feel supported and celebrated.

“Securing ‘Leading’ status is a tribute to the dedication and hard work of our entire team at APEM Group.”

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