Posted: 30 January 2024

APEM on track for £20m+ EBITDA

APEM on track for £20m+ EBITDA

We invested in environmental consultancy, APEM in 2019 when it was a modest UK environmental consultancy with revenue of £10 million and £2 million of EBITDA.

Having grown the business significantly by partnering with management and deploying our Value Creation Model to create highly effective sales and talent acquisition engines, we embarked on a buy and build programme just over two years ago.  Since then, we have completed six acquisitions and transformed the business into a global leading authority in its niches.  The business has a strong pipeline of strategic acquisitions and is on track to achieve EBITDA of £20m+ in 2024.

Our journey with APEM is a great example of what can be achieved when WestBridge and management create a high-performance partnership to deploy our Value Creation Model. If you would like to learn more about our market-leading approach to delivering sustainable growth, please contact Rebecca Sinclair at

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