Posted: 10 November 2020

Ed Minton tells us a little about AJM Healthcare

Ed Minton tells us a little about AJM Healthcare

Interested to know a little more about the companies we invest in? What we look for in them? What we bring to the table? This new feature answers those questions and more. Next up, Ed Minton, tells us a little about AJM Healthcare …

  1. Tell us a little about AJM

    AJM Healthcare is a market leading provider of NHS wheelchair services throughout the UK. Its services are embedded throughout the patient journey, from the provisioning of clinical assessments and prescriptions through to equipment handovers and repairs.

  2. When did WestBridge invest?

    WestBridge supported the incumbent team to undertake a management buy-out in September 2018. The deal marked the first investment from WestBridge II.

  3. What was it about AJM that appealed to you?

    We were impressed by the knowledge, experience and operational capabilities of the team. They were able to evidence a strong growth track record and demonstrate pipeline visibility in the short to medium term. Furthermore, the articulation of the plan was credible, the long-term contract dynamics were favourable, and the market fundamentals were supportive. 

  4. How is WestBridge adding value?

    Whilst clinical excellence, market engagement efforts and tender processes have all been areas of focus, we identified materials management as being one of the core value drivers in the business. Therefore, we have focussed a lot of our efforts on operational capabilities in this regard, through team augmentation with the recruitment of a COO together with enhancements to data collection and reporting processes through an overhaul of the IT systems and infrastructure.

  5. And what of the future?

    Since our investment, we have more than doubled the size of the business, implemented a number of operational improvements and strengthened senior management capabilities. The business is now in an even stronger position to capitalise on the highly attractive market conditions that continue to support a niche growth opportunity.

If you’d like to get more of a flavour for AJM Healthcare and the wonderful work it does, check out this video.

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