Posted: 17 November 2020

Getting to know Ed Minton

Getting to know Ed Minton

Business is built on people and relationships. So you can get to know us a little better, over the next few weeks, each member of our team will answer the same five questions. Next up is Ed Minton.

  1. Explain a little about your role at WestBridge.

    I’m an investment manager at WestBridge which means I spend much of my time working on deal origination and execution. My core focus is on the Thames Valley and East Midlands. I also have portfolio responsibilities as a director of Wilcomatic and an alternate director of AJM Healthcare and Bespoke Health & Social Care.

  2. Tell us about one of your career highs.

    The MBO of AJM Healthcare in September 2018 marked the first investment from WestBridge II, and also my first deal at the firm. Since then, it’s been a really rewarding journey working with the team and seeing the business continually improve and successfully achieve its strategic goals.

  3. What’s one of the best pieces of advice you’ve ever been given?

    Work hard, be nice.

  4. If there was one thing you could change about the world of private equity, what would it be?

    There are some misconceptions about PE. The one we hear most often is that PE will come in, take control and run the business, leaving the founders/managers with no authority to make decisions. Our approach, much like many other funds, is to take an active role but not intrude on the day-to- day and strategic management of a business. We adopt a partnership-led approach, supporting management teams to deliver their growth plans. This can come in the form of experience and knowledge at the board level to help develop strategic strengths as well as input at the operational level to help improve systems, processes and operational capabilities. 

  5. Finally, what to you enjoy doing outside work?

    My kids keep me busy outside of work but I do like to squeeze in a round of golf where I can. I also enjoy going to gigs and travelling (Covid allowing).

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