Posted: 4 February 2021

Spotlight on bChannels

Spotlight on bChannels

Interested to know a little more about the companies we invest in? What we look for in them? What we bring to the table? Here senior investment manager James MacLeay answers those very questions in relation to our portfolio company bChannels.

  1. Tell us a little about bChannels

    bChannels is a solutions provider enabling technology vendors to increase revenues by identifying, recruiting and optimising performance of product/service resellers. They provide a range of data-driven and productised solutions which allow customers to effectively deploy their marketing budgets. bChannels has a proprietary, predictive analytics insights platform called Intelligent Index, the world’s largest partner capability database, which delivers in-depth and actionable insights in respect of technology resellers across the globe. The business is headquartered in Oxford, UK and has offices in USA, Malaysia and Australia to serve its global clients.

  2. When and what did WestBridge invest?

    WestBridge invested £3.6m in bChannels in 2014 to support the management buyout and provide development capital to allow the company to develop its internal infrastructure, including the creation of a sales and marketing function.

  3. What was it about bChannels that appealed to you?

    bChannels’ client proposition is a true value add solution.  They help global technology companies increase revenue with their analytics and insights. The global technology channel/partner marketing sector was, and still is, a rapidly growing market. bChannels has deeply embedded itself within its tier one global technology clients and the business has been able to effectively productise its service offering.

  4. How is WestBridge adding value?

    We have focussed on a number of areas to drive value over our hold period. Through our operational consultants panel we have helped the business upgrade and professionalise the sales and marketing function. This has been combined with a number of key senior hires along the journey including a CFO and COO, non-executive chair and sales director. This has resulted in the board working effectively to improve utilisation, margin and sales growth during the investment.

  5. And what of the future?

    Since productising the solutions and upgrading the sales and marketing function, the business has shown strong financial growth and is well positioned for an acquirer to capitalise on the next phase of bChannels’ growth.

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