Posted: 14 July 2023

Spotlight on … Channel 3 Consulting

Spotlight on … Channel 3 Consulting

Interested to know a little more about the companies we invest in, what we look for and how we deliver value creation? James MacLeay, investment director, tells us a little about Channel 3 Consulting.

1)    Tell us a little about C3C.

Channel 3 Consulting is a digital transformation consultancy focussing on the health and care sectors. Channel 3’s services help organisations use technology to transform patient care and improve ways of working. The business works with NHS Trusts, care systems and other health and care organisations to upgrade electronic patient record systems, implement clinical ERP systems and develop digital strategies to future proof technology roadmaps. Channel 3 is headquartered in London and employs over 60 people.

2)   When and what did WestBridge invest?

WestBridge backed the management buyout (MBO) in January 2021 in order to support the team’s growth aspirations. We facilitated a deal whereby the management team were able to re-invest their proceeds whilst allowing the former shareholder to realise their investment.

3)   What was it about C3C that appealed to you?

The business is operating in a high growth space, the health and care sectors are in need of significant digital transformation in order to improve patient outcomes whilst becoming more operationally efficient.The management team is highly credible and evidenced strong sector knowledge and wanted to partner with a supportive investor. Their diverse backgrounds, which range from former medical practitioners to Big Four consultants, was appealing to us and has the same cache with customers and new talent alike. The opportunity to partner with a high performing team in an exciting market was a highly attractive investment opportunity for us.

4)   How is Westbridge adding value?

Over the last two and a half years we have sought to support the management team and supply them with the tools to best capitalise on the market opportunity. Initially we supported them hire a CFO and a private equity experienced Chair and continued to build the platform by hiring two additional partners in the first year. In order to improve operational capabilities and scalability, we supported the business to invest in an ERP system and upgrade KPI reporting and the use of data. We have also supported the business in their ESG efforts, introducing our operational consultant, Sustainable Advantage, to support on impact reports and ESG improvement initiatives.

5)   And what of the future?

Channel 3 has continued to grow since investment, it is well approaching double the size at which we invested in terms of people, profitability and revenue. The business is poised to support the multiple government backed initiatives to improve the use of digital transformation in health and care across the UK, a significant market opportunity.

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