Posted: 26 April 2023

WestBridge showcases value creation

WestBridge showcases value creation

The WestBridge team was delighted to participate in the recent BVCA European Private Capital Conference in the US.

The conference saw 10 leading European private equity managers visiting Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco across four consecutive days in order to showcase outstanding performance to US fund investors.

Katherine Bond, Tim Whittard and Guy Davies represented WestBridge and participated in an engaging and well received panel session focussed on ‘How to create outstanding returns in more challenging economic conditions’.

They were joined on the panel by IK Partners which, like WestBridge, has a hands-on operational model that creates independently benchmarked market leading performance.

WestBridge showcased the development of its portfolio company APEM, a leading environmental consultancy, which has quadrupled profits over the last four years and is on track to generate a double digit money multiple for WestBridge II.

Since inception, WestBridge has completed eight realisations from its two funds. Of these, 50% have delivered over a 4x multiple of cost and 65% have generated over a 3x. The remaining unrealised investments are all on strong growth trajectories benefitting from WestBridge’s value creation model. Both WestBridge I and II are independently benchmarked in the top quartile for their vintages.

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