What we do?

We invest in business to business (B2B) companies operating in growing niches. Companies are ideally making between £2m and £8m of profit and have ambitious enfranchised management teams.

Why choose us?

We have up to £200m of capital to invest in lower mid-market UK buyouts. We bring both exceptionally experienced individuals and a proven approach to creating highly valuable businesses in partnership with management teams.

Our portfolio companies

WestBridge is currently providing capital and management expertise to an increasing number of successful companies. We help create value by delivering sector insight, experience and influence to open doors.

Investment criteria


News and press

Responsible Investing

At WestBridge we understand the importance of responsible investing to protect and create value in our portfolio companies.

Our team

We have worked together for many years and collectively have over 100 years of investment experience.

Like the managers we back, we own our business and have successfully grown it over the last 15 years into a leading investor in our target market.


We partner with managers of lower mid-market niche companies, accelerating growth and creating shareholder value.